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Aerial Adventure Park

SkyTown TLV Aerial Adventure Park (hereinafter – “The Park”)

Before entering the Park, every participant must carefully read the rules, complete their personal particulars, in their entirety, and must sign to confirm that they have understood the rules and accept them. For a minor, and/or a person who is unable to sign themselves – an adult will sign and will undertake, by their signature, to explain to the participant what is stated in this document.

The Park is happy to welcome people with disabilities. They are asked to state, on this form, their disability and, if relevant, the particulars of their companion. The Park’s staff will do their best to make the Park as accessible as possible.


Prerequisites for activity in the Park. Only those holding a valid entry ticket, and/or coupon will be permitted to take part in the activity. A companion who climbs on to the apparatus is considered, for all intents and purposes, to be a participant.

Health declaration. The activity on the apparatus requires physical and mental exertion, and is intended for those in good health. Anyone wishing to take part in the Park’s activity will declare that they do not suffer from any disease, and that they do not suffer from physical or mental conditions which constitute a risk to themselves or to others. We emphasise that the activity has a high risk of injury, such as grazing and bruising, and the participant waives all demand, and/or claim, against the Park in this regard.


The activity on the apparatus is prohibited to those with back and neck conditions, blood pressure conditions, mental conditions such as depression and anxiety, and to pregnant women. The participant is responsible for informing the Park’s staff of any health, and/or metal conditions, and for receiving directives whether, and how, to use the apparatus.

The maximum body weight for participation is 120 kg (265 lbs).

The Visitor should not change anything in their protective equipment after the SkyTown TLV Instructor has checked it. If personal protective equipment is removed (for example, for convenience when walking), the Instructor must ensure that the equipment is put on again.
A Visitor who jumps on the safety rope will be warned, a Visitor who repeats this action will be removed from the Park.
Smoking is strictly prohibited while wearing or near the protective gear.

SkyTown is a sport facility. Therefore, only those who can follow the Instructor's directives physically and mentally may use it.
Use of the facility is strictly prohibited for:

Children under the age of 6 who are under 1.25 meters (4 ft) tall.

Children under 10 who are under 1.4 meters (4 ft 6 in) tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

People with certain health conditions, such as spinal or other back conditions, joint conditions, high blood pressure or cardiovascular conditions.

Pregnant women.

Anyone weighing over 120 kg (265 lbs).

There may be additional restrictions on certain elements in the facility.

A person or group not obeying the instructions of the Instructors or who interferes with the activities of others will be removed as soon as possible from the rope facility and the Park.


Safety. Prior to entering the Park, every participant must undergo safety instruction. It is made clear that the use of the Park’s apparatus involves safety techniques, which are the exclusive responsibility of the participant. Every participant must strictly observe the rules specified in this document and on the signs posted in the Park, and must act according to the instructions of the Park’s staff and the directives of the safety instructions.

Liability. Activity in the Park is carried out at the personal liability of the participant. In the case of minors, or people with restricted legal ability, the legal guardian, and/or the companion in the Park is liable for their activity.

Equipment required by participants. The Park supplies every participant, individually, with a modern, designated system of safety equipment. This equipment is the Park’s property, and may not be used outside the Park, or transferred between participants. The participant is obliged to look after the equipment, and to return it the Park’s Staff when they have finished using it. The participant must inform the Staff immediately of any damage and/or defect in the equipment. The safety equipment supplied may only be used in accordance with the instructions of the Park’s staff.

Clothing and equipment. We recommend that you come to the Park with footwear appropriate for sports activity (sports shoes or mountain boots). Long hair should be securely tied in a pony tail. It is prohibited to carry personal belongings onto the apparatus (bottles of drink, mobile telephones, cameras, keys, wristwatches, bracelets, chains, etc.). Glasses way be worn on the apparatus, but they must be secured with a cord.

Cessation of activity. When climbing becomes difficult, or when the weather becomes dangerous (winds, rain, lightning and fog) the Park’s staff are entitled to suspend the Park’s activity. It is made clear that if activity is suspended, the participant is not entitled to a refund of money, and/or to credit, and/or any other compensation, even if the activity was suspended when the participant was already active on the apparatus.

Obey instructions from Staff. The Park’s Staff are responsible for your safety and to ensure that you enjoy the activity. The participant must immediately obey Staff instructions, and carry them out precisely. Do not run, jump or be wild during your activity on the apparatus.


Do not eat or drink during your activity on the apparatus, or in its vicinity.


Smoking on or near the apparatus is strictly prohibited.


Do not go on to the apparatus outside the opening hours, without permission from the Park’s Staff.


The Instructors have the full authority, at their discretion, to cease the activity, and/or to expel a participant, or even a whole group if they do not obey the instructions. It is made clear that a participant, and/or a group whose activity is ceased, and/or are expelled from the park, are not entitled to any compensation, and/or credit, and/or refund of money.

Deferment of a ticket or voucher. The Park’s Staff are entitled, at their exclusive discretion, to change the date set for the ticket or voucher, in the event of rain, hail, thunderstorm and strong winds, and, also, in the event of other restrictions imposed by the authorities such as the security situation, and/or engineering or safety directives regarding the Park and its apparatus. The Park’s Staff will act to inform the participant as early as possible, using the contact details that the participant gave to the park.

Inaccuracies in the health declaration. In the event that the participant does not meet the conditions required in the health declaration, and/or the Park’s procedures, and/or gave erroneous and/or misleading information, their ticket or voucher will be cancelled, and the participant will not be entitled to any compensation, and/or credit, and/or refund of money.

Cancellation of purchase. The participant is entitled to cancel the purchase of a ticket or voucher, as long as they notify the Park up to 14 days from the date of purchase, and in the case of an event, 7 working days before the date of the event.

On entry to the Park, the participant will be charged a deposit of ILS 100, to secure return of the Park's equipment and the participant’s compliance with the times of activity that have been set. In the event of not meeting the times set for activities, and/or damage to equipment given to the participant, the park is entitled to retain the deposit in part or in its entirety.

The park is not liable for a participant’s valuables, and/or for any damage, and/or loss of their personal equipment.

In any event of harm, and/or damage, during the activity, the participant is required to report, immediately, to the park’s Staff, and to complete the appropriate form, prior to leaving the Park. The Park cannot handle, and/or relate to any complaint after leaving the Park.

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